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Raleigh, Wake Forest and surrounding areas.


Accountability and Transparency in Everything We Do

Jackson Roofing uses an interactive web portal that allows you to track your roofing project from start to finish. You’ll have full access to photos, notes from our conversations, and your proposal with pricing and recommended services. Consider this the single source of truth about your roof that ensures total accountability and transparency.


To prove just how strongly we feel about the information, we won’t ask you to pay a dime until the project is complete and you’re 100% satisfied! Unless your project requires a special order that can’t be returned, no down payment is necessary!


Roof Replacement

If a new roof is installed properly with high quality materials, it should give you peace of mind for decades. We use CertainTeed® shingles with a limited-lifetime warranty and products such as Perma-Boot roof pipe collars that never dry-rot or leak. Let our experienced team make sure every component of your roofing system is strong, reliable, and watertight.


Roof Repair

A roof company’s repair techniques are important. This gives insight as to how they would conduct a roof installation. The most common causes of roof leaks are damaged pipe collars (the black boots that go around the white PVC pipes on your roof) and improper nail placement, both of which slowly lead to wood rot. We identify the root cause of any damage or leak and address the problem at the source with a permanent solution.


Roof Maintenance

The penetration points on a roof typically require maintenance between 11 and 14 years, including the pipe collars that tend to dry out at this time. The bad news is that most homeowners don’t notice these issues until they have a leak. The good news is that our roof tune-ups can prevent leaks for the rest of your roof’s remaining life! Let us give you that peace of mind.


Gutter Replacement and Gutter Guards

The most common cause of overflowing gutters is small downspouts, not small gutters. Standard downspouts are just 2 x 3 inches. We install 3 x 4-inch downspouts to provide twice the drainage. We also highly recommend Leaf Shelter gutter guards because we believe they’re the most reliable and best performing gutter guard products on the market.


Storm Damage Services

Beware of predatory storm chasers! They’ll knock on your door after a storm and say you have damage without even inspecting the roof. Then they’ll try to scare you into signing a document that requires you to work with them. If you’re concerned about possible damage after a storm, let us inspect your roof. If we discover damage, we’ll determine if there’s enough damage to file an insurance claim. We can then help you get the claim approved and work directly with the insurance company to process paperwork, invoices, certificates of completion, and payments to you, the homeowner.

Here’s What Our Client Said About Us
“They did an excellent job - the crew was polite and very professional. They protected all shrubs and plants around the house. They used tarps to catch old roofing, and covered entire roof over night in case of rain. I was very pleased with their work. They also give you a written warranty. I would highly recommend them!"
Sheila S

Cary, NC

Inspected roof in Raleigh with storm damage
Roofer free assessment in Raleigh NC

Get the truth about your roof

A roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home. You deserve to know the truth about its condition from a trustworthy company with a proven track record of success. Let us help you get the answers you need and perform the work the right way.

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