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Raleigh, Wake Forest and surrounding areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to replace a roof for customers in our service area of Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Knightdale is typically in the $8,000-$15,000 range. However, the exact price of roof replacement depends on the size of the home and the complexity of the roofing system, which is why we need to perform a thorough inspection of your roof first.

Our shingles are delivered the morning of the job, if not the day before. We keep a large crew on hand so that we can replace most roofs in just one day! Our goal is to minimize our impact on your lifestyle. You won’t have to worry about us taking all week.

We accept payments via check, credit card, and debit card.

Jackson Roofing LLC is up to date on all our paperwork, especially our insurance! With hundreds of roofers in the triangle area, this is a great filter question to narrow down your competent contractors. 

It depends! We find that in this area, roofs need to be replaced every 20-30 years depending upon the shingles on your home. If your home is over 20 years old and never had the roof replaced, consider calling us for a free inspection.

Insurance coverage depends on your policy, the type of damage, the cause of the damage, the extent of the damage, and other factors. The key is to have a reputable, qualified roofing company inspect your roof so you can determine eligibility and make the case to your insurance company.

We highly recommend shingles and roofing materials from CertainTeed® and Owens Corning, as well as Leaf Shelter gutter guards. While many companies push GAF products, we will steer you away from them, and we will be happy to tell you why!

Absolutely! A leak does not automatically stipulate a replacement. We will get on top of your roof, take photos of any issues, and show you exactly what the problem is. We will also examine the rest of the roof to ensure that you don’t have any other issues. Consider us your one-stop-shop for your peace of mind.

If there is visible damage to your roof after a storm or you’re concerned that your roof may have been damaged, contact us immediately to get the truth about your roof. We can immediately install tarps to prevent any leaks and prepare a report with photos that clearly explain the condition of your roof, the cause of damage, and recommendations for addressing any issues.

Do not fall for scams by out-of-town companies, dubbed “storm chasers” that claim your roof is damaged without even inspecting it. They use predatory sales tactics and prey on fear and desperation to get homeowners locked into their services, which might not even be necessary! Always work with a local, reputable roofing company that works in your best interests.


You have every right to have your questions answered until you feel confident that you know the truth about your roof. Get in touch with Jackson Roofing today!

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Roofer free assessment in Raleigh NC

Get the truth about your roof

A roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home. You deserve to know the truth about its condition from a trustworthy company with a proven track record of success. Let us help you get the answers you need and perform the work the right way.

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